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Visiting my childhood home has become an event tinged with sadness. It is an old house and was over 200 years old when I was a child so it has seen some wear. But when I was a child it didn’t look like wear, it was home. Now I see all the foxing, rubs and “patina”. It is hard to see and harder to accept the fact that each visit may bring the last dinner eaten around the table. It is just time, and there is no holding it back or slowing it down. That season of loss is coming on a timetable all its’ own.


3 thoughts on “Turnings

  1. Hi Rebecca, Love your new site !!! Yes, concerning your post about long time homes we are going through a similar experience. We soon will be moving from our home of nearly 32 years to a new one not far away. It is with very mixed feelings that we are doing this. We have grown during this time from quite young, just in our early 30’s to not so young, early 60’s and we have a lot of memories here. In fact half of our lives have been spent here. Of course we are also exciting about the big move too. So as it always is in life it’s a mixed bag of emotions 🙂
    Here’s wishing you every success Rebecca !!!
    Please take care and say Hi to Joe !!! Mark Fountain

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