Over the past year 4 people I know have put their houses on the market. 2 have now moved, 1 is due to next month and the final one just listed their house a month ago. The first two were casual friends, yet I do miss the one wo moved first more than I thought I would. The one who is moving next month is a dear friend of 20 years. We would get together once a month for breakfast and did our “project of the month” declarations which we held each other accountable for. She is moving far away, many states away. And though we will be able to email, breakfasts will be off the list. Lastly, the 2nd neighbor who is planning to move will leave just 2 houses on the street that have had the same owners for decades. All is change, I know that, and each of them are moving on to something new as we will in a few years. It just has made me more pensive I guess. Possibly it is the acknowledgement that no longer do the houses have classmates of my children in them, the end of an era. None of us are young parents or future parents, that is part of the past now. I am just caught in a state of pending.


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