imageI have been clearing things out, donating items I no longer need and making regular posts for craigslist. For me it is a shedding season, I am shucking off what has to go and opening up the space around me for experiences. 10 boxes of books- gone. 4 bags of clothes- gone. 3 bags of household stuff- gone. 1 French linen armoire- gone. Plus all the studio items that were sold. It is all part of streamlining for life, for how things are now. Making plans means making changes.


Rambling along


It can be hard to tell when you are out of the woods. The turns of the trail and fall of the light can play tricks on you. I need to keep trekking and get my schedule back in some sort of check. The studio is all cleaned out, and as a result there are boxes on boxes here at home. Which I need to sort through. Digging around for supplies really jams up any creative progress. I need to get back to blogging regularly too. Get a website up and running, new business cards and etc. Hopefully as  things improve, there will be time to get back out with the camera. It feels like maybe things are falling into place instead of falling apart.



Some days I catch a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of my eye of how life used to be, but of course when I turn to look it isn’t really there. What is normal now, is far from what normal was. After much thought, I made the choice to give up my studio. I considered sharing the space, but decided money in my pocket was the best option. I only have been able to get in and use the space a couple times a month since last August anyhow. It has been a tough 9 months and life has forced changes I didn’t foresee having to embrace. My husband’s recovery is a slow and uncertain process,brain injuries are like that. But I am grateful he can walk, talk, laugh and joke, read a bit, and do some daily tasks. That doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating for both of us as it can be a slow slog some days. Everything has changed, and continues to do so.We are getting through it as couples do, one day at a time. As far as the studio, the unused dining room will be re-purposed as I try to do more online to offset the foot traffic which I would normally get on open studio days. We’ll see.