Some time ago I did a piece on the “un-day”, the day that is entirely and unexpectedly free. That one came about because of no water at work which kept us closed. This time it is (and I will file this under Mysterious Ways) that the surgeon scheduled for my husband’s heart surgery today broke his shoulder yesterday. (What are the odd of that?) The result, surgery moved to Monday and 4, count them 4 suddenly unspoken for days!! It made me almost giddy with the possibilities. Not only can unexpected laundry, cleaning, errands and the like get done, but fun can also occur that was totally unplanned!! I know the 4 days that would have been spent to and fro-ing from the hospital have only been shifted to next week, but I had already taken the days off from work, and didn’t want to mess of the scheduled coverage, so we are letting the free days unfurl before us and doing exactly what we want! The surgery is still looming over us, but these 4 days are a nice buffer to enjoy.


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