Travel light


My husband and I got out on a walk around our local lake a few days ago. It was another balmy December day with no sign of foreseeable snow. It has been the perfect late fall for hikes, but alas, I have not able to get out on any long ones. I know that time will turn in a new direction, and I will be able to get out, but first things must come first. We are closing in on the last weeks of 2015, a good time for taking stock, making plans, and over all being grateful. Just 4 months ago when everything turned upside down here I didn’t know where I would find myself come December. All my plans for the fall went out the window as each day slipped by going to and from the hospitals in Boston. Yet, it allowed me the chance to see places I normally would not have seen, to walk down streets I would not have traveled, and meet people I am unlikely to forget. Would I trade it for the fall I had hoped for? I have to say yes, since it involves health and most everyone I know would trade new experiences for avoiding health scares. And yet part of me can see how I have grown and expanded my comfort zone to include things I previously was hesitant to do. I am hopeful about the future in spite of the obstacles I can see that are in the way (I try not to worry about those yet to be see), each day is one step further along the path, my husband’s health is improving and that is our main focus. New carpets? New countertops? All of that is left by the curb to allow for as much room as needed for healing,  there it is in a nutshell; travel light.


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