Postage affixed

mantle stamp

This fall while poking around an old. empty house I noticed this tiny stamp stuck on the mantle. As the house has sat empty for years, though this was my first foray inside, I do not know if the stamp was put there decades ago or more recently. It appears to be a stamp from Chile, and in that old green and off white color of days gone by. I have kept an eye on the house all these years since seeing the estate sale on the lawn close to a decade ago, always expecting it to have been torn down. It was a farm and sits on 40 some acres right on a busy state route, and since big box stores have been filling in all along the route I know it is just a matter of time. It is also possible it will go to upscale homes with a fancy sign saying Pheasant Ridge Run or some such overdone name. It is completely unlikely it will be restored. I will post some other photos over the next week so you can get a feel for the place, as it does have a story that is all but lost except for these images.There is not enough postage affixed to save it. Such is life.


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