I am sensing that this Wednesday might not be a day I am able to get a post out, so i am pushing it up a couple of days. Last weekend was open studios and this Wednesday will be my best bet to get things readied for the December double weekend open studios. I am already feeling the time crunch even though it is a month away. It is probably because next Tuesday I will be bringing Joe home from the hospital and juggling the PT/OT/SLP therapies and various appointments, which will take a lot of time. So much so that it looks like I will have to take a leave of absence from work until things settle down. I have mulled over all the options and that seems the only workable one. Which is a shame because I like my job and hate to leave them in a lurch. Such is life though. I am trying to embrace what is, and to work within those parameters. No easy task, but not impossible, it just will take some shifting of perceptions and being open to what is available. But as far as this Wednesday, I have to hustle to get things done!


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