On the list


The fall season is drawing to a close here, tonight will bring heavy rain and winds that will shake loose the last of the leaves. It is darker earlier now, and in the morning there often is little sunrise light until well after the alarm clock goes off. I am puttering around doing a chore here and there without any real vigor. I set a few tasks to do each day between work or trips into Boston, and so far am able to cross them off. More some days than others, and some tasks have sat for a while now I must admit. With no one home but me there doesn’t seem to be much urgency to get after the list. But I need to get on it as some are outdoor tasks that can’t wait much longer. The indoor stuff I can peck away at while dinner heats up, or before I head out. I guess as with most things it just falls in to the “all in good time” category.


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