I have been trying to get back into the flow of things, catching up is not an option as I can’t regain the time that has passed and can only start from here. I use Wednesdays as my studio/blog/hiking day before I head to work in the afternoon. Tuesday and Thursdays are full 9-5, or maybe later, days, and the last 4 weekdays I spend in Cambridge at Spaulding. So Wednesdays are the “me” day where I can accomplish stuff even if it is household chores. Today in spite of the lackluster weather I did get out on a hike, and got some fresh air to clear the cobwebs. It is difficult to keep up with what everyone else is doing, I rarely get on facebook or goodreads, and get to read the blogs I follow. But I just have to take this as it comes in the hopes that things will smooth out and regain some semblance of normality. Fall is passing so quickly this year it seems, though I know it is just my topsy-turvy schedule that makes it seem that way. There is an autumn sunshower at the moment so there must be a rainbow adding to the fall colors. No doubt as beautiful as the leaves.


2 thoughts on “Passed

  1. Dear Rebecca, I am happy that you were able to get out in the fresh air, clear the cobwebs and hike. I know it is difficult to have a topsy-turvy schedule; it makes every day hard. Spending 4 days at Spaulding each week is demanding. I love the idea that the autumn sunshower made a rainbow as beautiful as the leaves in your lovely photo. Each day I whisper a prayer for you and your husband to have continued strength.

    • Thank you so much for your support. Joe is doing very well, the staff and doctors are so pleased as are all of us. have a great day!

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