The quiet land


I am back from the land of no internet. My Mom lives in one of the slivers of land that gets no consistent signal. If I am in just the right spot I can check email if I am patient. It is rather like stepping back in time while holding current technology in my hand. It does allow me to get other things done, but takes a bit of getting accustomed to. So I made best use of the lull in connectivity and got out exploring, doing some chores for my mom, getting her out for a ride around the area and generally just visiting with her, making her laugh and talking books. I see how hard this last winter was on her, and how she is fearful for the future, and this is hard to watch. She is in her eighties now, and tires more easily, but still keeps going every day and doing little things as she can. It is a quiet life she has now, and she feels less attached to it, ready to move on. Anyone who has seen this in their own parent knows what I am talking about. Just the winding down of energy.


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