Busy work


Knowing it was going to be hot today, I got up and into Lowell early. It didn’t make much difference, by 7:30 it was already getting uncomfortably warm in the sun, but there was no way I’d have been alert enough to get up earlier. I did happen to spy this bee busy at work enjoying a lovely zinnia. It reminded me of tasks to do, that just need doing. We all have them, the things that linger on the to do list for no real reason other than we keep moving them down the list. That door that sticks? Well, just lift it a little as you open or close it. That smudge on the window? Just wait until the sun is off it. And so on and so on. These are just the things we agree to live with until we absolutely have to deal with them. Then the relief at having them done makes us smile at our resistance to doing them long before.


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