This week I am aiming for stillness, not of body or mind, but of spirit. I have much to do that won’t allow for the first two to be stationary, . But in spirit I can be still. The weekend was spent cleaning out the overhang and cellar, neither of which were terribly cluttered, it was just some stuff left from the last clean out that I wasn’t sure needed to go. It did though, all the excess gift bags and lovely store bags, the spare glue guns (why were there 3 anyhow?), the stepper from knee surgery rehab many years ago, old paint, a little tykes bookshelf, all sorts of things plus dust and dirt. It all went to the dump to be parceled out to the appropriate spot. And when I went into the cellar last night- it was spacious and still. A feeling of “Ahhhh!” swept over me. I have been working on winnowing down items that have become fixtures in the house, but rarely used. Amazing what slips in and overstays. We are tentatively looking to sell in 2-3 years, and wisdom tells me tackle things now when there is no pressure. Plus clearing out stuff costs nothing but time, and feels great afterwards. The redoing of the driveway, and flooring on the other hand is money out of pocket and can wait a bit. But for now, we are chipping away at things that we have let be so we can get used to the idea of moving forward and preparing for what’s next.


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