Taking a bite out of summer


The middle of the week is once again upon us, and it is a beautiful morning here. I got up and out early and on a 1 hour walk around the city. I heard earlier that the sun will set at 8:15, already the daylight hours are shrinking. This wasn’t so when I was a child, it stayed light until 9:00 every day over summer vacation, and only when school began did the dusk come early. I am sure of it, just as it never rained the first day of summer. Surely my memory can’t be faulty on this. Yet in my heart I know it is, that time and weather haven’t suddenly shifted in those intervening years. Which is why I couldn’t be a lie-a-bed this morning, summer is too short to miss a moment of that I don’t have to. And so, today I am up and at it before work this afternoon, and on Friday I will do the same. Tomorrow the best I can do is eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside, and maybe squeeze in an evening stroll. The weekend on the other hand, stretches out before me, unspoken for except for household chores. Oh the possibilities!!


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