progress report 001It is mid week yet again, and the start of a new month, plus the halfway point of the year. Not sure how July got here so quickly. I have to do my mid year check up on what progress I have made.

I had set a goal of 6+ shows to enter and am at 4

I had set a goal of 3 magazine accepted submissions and am at 1

I have expanded my social media activity, and feel:

instagram- “A-“, easy to use, fun, but can become a time-eater

WordPress- “A” enjoy reading other people’s blogs and working on mine

Facebook- “B”, a bit clunky, needs updating from old format, but still a good outlet, can devour time

Exercise- “B+” I still don’t enjoy running, and the weather has prevented it, but the walking is steady

So, I am doing okay so far, but need to keep my eye on the ball or I’ll be chasing butterflies and getting nowhere.


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