Busy work


Knowing it was going to be hot today, I got up and into Lowell early. It didn’t make much difference, by 7:30 it was already getting uncomfortably warm in the sun, but there was no way I’d have been alert enough to get up earlier. I did happen to spy this bee busy at work enjoying a lovely zinnia. It reminded me of tasks to do, that just need doing. We all have them, the things that linger on the to do list for no real reason other than we keep moving them down the list. That door that sticks? Well, just lift it a little as you open or close it. That smudge on the window? Just wait until the sun is off it. And so on and so on. These are just the things we agree to live with until we absolutely have to deal with them. Then the relief at having them done makes us smile at our resistance to doing them long before.




This week I am aiming for stillness, not of body or mind, but of spirit. I have much to do that won’t allow for the first two to be stationary, . But in spirit I can be still. The weekend was spent cleaning out the overhang and cellar, neither of which were terribly cluttered, it was just some stuff left from the last clean out that I wasn’t sure needed to go. It did though, all the excess gift bags and lovely store bags, the spare glue guns (why were there 3 anyhow?), the stepper from knee surgery rehab many years ago, old paint, a little tykes bookshelf, all sorts of things plus dust and dirt. It all went to the dump to be parceled out to the appropriate spot. And when I went into the cellar last night- it was spacious and still. A feeling of “Ahhhh!” swept over me. I have been working on winnowing down items that have become fixtures in the house, but rarely used. Amazing what slips in and overstays. We are tentatively looking to sell in 2-3 years, and wisdom tells me tackle things now when there is no pressure. Plus clearing out stuff costs nothing but time, and feels great afterwards. The redoing of the driveway, and flooring on the other hand is money out of pocket and can wait a bit. But for now, we are chipping away at things that we have let be so we can get used to the idea of moving forward and preparing for what’s next.

Devilish design

(This is a ; & a ) post, enjoy!)


Maybe in New York the devil wears Prada, But when it comes time to do some climbing, it is easy to slip those cloven hooves into these sport shoes. I saw these last summer at a shoe store and am still creeped out by them. They are weirder than those toe shoes for running and climbing, which are pretty weird. Needless to say a year later these are still on the sale shelf, so I guess the devil hasn’t stopped by.

Taking a bite out of summer


The middle of the week is once again upon us, and it is a beautiful morning here. I got up and out early and on a 1 hour walk around the city. I heard earlier that the sun will set at 8:15, already the daylight hours are shrinking. This wasn’t so when I was a child, it stayed light until 9:00 every day over summer vacation, and only when school began did the dusk come early. I am sure of it, just as it never rained the first day of summer. Surely my memory can’t be faulty on this. Yet in my heart I know it is, that time and weather haven’t suddenly shifted in those intervening years. Which is why I couldn’t be a lie-a-bed this morning, summer is too short to miss a moment of that I don’t have to. And so, today I am up and at it before work this afternoon, and on Friday I will do the same. Tomorrow the best I can do is eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside, and maybe squeeze in an evening stroll. The weekend on the other hand, stretches out before me, unspoken for except for household chores. Oh the possibilities!!

Fooling around


I didn’t get out with my camera much this weekend, but did try my hand at digital abstracts. I do like the colors and the feel that there might be a landscape in it. I won’t know until I get a print sized one done how it really looks. The weekend was a real summer one, hot and humid, and this week looks the same. But given that we still had snow (a fair amount) on the ground just 3 months ago with no sign of spring in sight, I’ll take it!

Summer in bloom


I got out and about early this morning and happened upon a city garden in full bloom. I think this might be some type of Allium, which apparently bees love as some had 4 crawling all over them. It felt good to be out so early and able to enjoy the neighborhood. There was a city reservoir by this garden and the sky was full of swallows swooping and dipping at the water to get their breakfast. Even though I was in the city, it was so quiet I could have been out in the country. Now I am back in the studio, tackling tasks that I want done before the weekend. Today is one of those days that just feels good.