Nice structure


It is midweek already. I had to stop and check that because it didn’t seem possible. But it is. My Wednesday schedule is one that has some give in it, I don’t head to work until 3, so I can fit in a patchwork of tasks beforehand. The earlier I get up, and better I plan, the more I can cross off the continually regenerating list. There is a nice structure to Wednesday to work within. This is a busy week too, so the list has been seeing a lot of cross-offs. Deliver print to Health Center- check, Attend Holy Grail program- check, return books- check, get submissions in for art show-check, work on studio updating- check (on some aspects), order photos- check. Etc, you know how it goes. But it is a good kind of busy, sure beats: go for meeting with specialist, or follow up test, or court date and the like.

Now it is time for a cup of early afternoon tea and a bit of reading!


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