Asa’s house


This was Asa’s house, built back in 1758 in what is now Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. It had a big barn opposite it which came down last year. The 15 acres will be office park buildings I expect. Asa’s house is on a plot that will become 2 lots. The house is in rough shape, and so uncomfortably close to the road that fixing it would be foolish. Still there’s  257 years of living that house has seen soon to be lost to history. I had no idea it was so old, I am betting this part was a later addition to the cape front at the far right which you can just see the roof of. I have been purposefully driving by to see if and when it became unoccupied and Friday it seemed to be. So this morning I got there early, saw no signs of life and got the images I could. My next time by it might be gone and I couldn’t risk that.


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