bugle girl

It just goes to show you never know what a day will bring. When I got home on Monday I had a message stating that due to plumbing repairs that were more involved than anticipated, I wouldn’t have work on Tuesday.

I gained an un-day!!!!!

Allow me to explain. An un-day is a day that is unspoken for, no appointments, work, regular chores or the like. It is not a snow day, where you are not able to get out and about. It is not a sick day, where you are under the weather. It is not a personal day, where plans are already in place. It is a day where your schedule is suddenly, unexpectedly, happily cleared of any commitments. I have often said I need an un-day between Sunday & Monday, though on any day one  is acceptable. And today turned out to be one.

So, I used it to get more painting done that would have sat until Friday. To get paperwork done that would have sat until some unspecified time. To get a magazine submission in that has sat for too long. To get a mill walk in, 10 flights up, along the halls and 10 flights back down, a nice bit of exercise on a cold and rainy day.

As a result of this un-day, I feel buoyant and less behind on things. Silly I know, but accurate. Three studio days in three days, that hasn’t happened in a long time. I have one wall left to paint which I hope to do on Friday so things can be back in place for Saturday. I will grab another can of paint, a new roller just in case and have at it then. If for some reason I can’t I at least stopped at a corner so it might be a little less obvious that it isn’t finished.

Now I am off to tackle some other “perfect for an un-day” tasks. (But first, cocoa or tea to take the chill off!)

I hope you all find an un-day on your doorstep someday soon!!


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