I’ll be criss-crossing my way through this week, doing a bit of this and some of that. Yesterday was an unexpected in studio day, which let me get in a long walk through the neighborhood and some editing time in. It also meant that I still had today as an in studio day…a bonus day! Which I decided, given the on and off downpours, meant it would be a good day to repaint the studio. 3 hours later with aching shoulders, half a gallon of paint left and more than half the studio- I am questioning the wisdom of my enthusiasm! But the almost half I have done looks nice, it is just that open studios is this Saturday. Which means I can slack about getting it done, but also that there is little slack in getting it done. My Friday looks like a painting day! So painting today, work tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday, a new gallon of paint, then back to painting. A bit of a here and there and back again sort of week, plus whatever else pops up unexpectedly. It will make me feel very productive, and I’ll be able to cross off my list “repaint studio”, which has been on there some time. A fresh start to the new lease, last fall I did the floor, now the walls. It’ll be colors I chose, though I liked the ones from the previous tenant, this feels new and all me. Now that it is June I will have to do my report card of how I’m doing based on what i listed back in January for my goals. I find it is a good way to get back on track, as things seem to get overlooked in the daily rush, and to see achievements not on that list. For now I will rest my shoulders and get some errands done. All in all a great day!


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