The start of the week

Wilton wall

I should have come right in and started cleaning off the work table in the studio today. But I didn’t. I am waiting to hear back on a craigslist free item I am looking to get rid of, and once you get online one thing leads to another and even if the stuff needed doing, time seems to speed by. However, it has only been about 40 minutes so not a lot of time is lost. If I could magically transport the hutch to the first person who replied I would have in a second, making the whole process on my end easier, the arrival of the piece on their end might have been a bit trickier. Anyhow, I am hopeful that I hear back and can get this process completed quickly so I can wrap up all the odds and ends still waiting to be taken care of. Ahh Mondays, wheN the whole week stretches out in front of you for about 2 minutes and then magically fills up and disappears leaving many of the tasks still undone!


Getting to the bottom of it


I have been busy working on getting my studio all refreshed and ready for the nest Open Studios. It has not been as smooth as I had hoped as so many little things came up that intervened with consistent progress. Right now I am trying to interest someone in a free item of storage furniture I no longer need, and a pile of colored mat boards I can’t use. Neither of these I have much control over unless I toss them in the dumpster and be done with it. But, I hate to do that with things that can be put to use. So there I am stalled, a pile of mats and a piece of furniture sitting smack dab in my half arranged space. The dumpster is in the parking lot until Tuesday if push comes to shove. Other than those items I have made progress. the walls are painted, the new seating areas set up, the photos in presentation books, the free piece of furniture all cleaned out and the stuff winnowed down. Ah well, we’ll see if I hear from any fellow artists over the next couple of days.

Do Summer


Summer has officially begun. I got out early today for a walk and could feel the heat rising off the pavement and bouncing off the buildings even then. But I got out, that is key. Because,as I have mentioned, I have lost days here and there and feel I have to jump on any open time before the season is gone. I have decided to make best use of my Wednesdays means getting up and getting out, leaving chores for some other time. I just recently read Do Over (Jon Acuff) and saw his Do Summer Challenge, 15 minutes a day spent developing or honing a skill. Which is actually a harder thing than it would seem as 15 minutes is both too little for some skills and not quite right for others. But, I will try to do 15 minutes a day of writing as it can fit in nicely in those odd spots of time that appear everyday. If you are interested in trying this go to and get your sheet so you can get started.

Just before summer


It is another Wednesday already. This one and the next are book-ending the longest day of the year. Not sure how it got to this point so quickly. I am pretty sure when I was a child every summer day until school started was just as long daylight wise as the one before. Not sure how that vanished, but it did. Right now though, it is still on the upswing, each day a tiny bit longer than the one before and the whole summer unfurling ahead of us.