Automatic closing

IMG_20150529_075103_060-01There it is, THE door. The one that has shut firmly behind me, signalling the end of an era. I wrote a bit about this back in January (The Bittersweet Year), and now am hearing the swoosh of another door closing, that no amount of effort will re-open or allow re-entry. Childhood has drawn to its final close with graduation tomorrow. Life is full of doors closing and opening, but the door that separates adulthood from childhood at graduation is one that most everyone experiences in a very small window of time. May and June are the traditional graduation months, and as I attended the final at school function last night it really was clear that an era had ended. No more will I call the school to report an absence, buy lunch items, sign permission slips for field trips, or acknowledge the grades on a report card so it can go back to the school office. THE door has shut, and I am now outside the mothering parent stage that stretched from birth to graduation, all the “would have, could have, should have” are on the other side of the glass with all that did get done. I am onto a new stage, where being a mother is less about managing and more about hoping they have internalized what the past stretch of years has been for. Adulthood unrolls ahead, with all the trials and joys it will bring for both my daughters.

They are on the same side of the door I am, we are just getting in different cars to drive off in.


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