Last dance


This past evening I spent taking and editing my daughter’s prom pictures. The last dance of high school.

As I looked at all their young faces clustered together, laughing and enjoying each other’s company I wondered if any of them knew how precious that moment was as life prepared to sweep them all in different directions.

How far in the future would it be when one of them stumbled upon one of the photos packed away amongst the detritus of the teenage years, and be amazed at how much time has passed, and how they all looked on that one night.

It did not make me nostalgic for my own senior year in any way, just contemplative seeing this group of girls on the cusp of all the unknowns that lie ahead in their lives. Even in this world of social media constant connectivity, friends will be outgrown and the ties will weaken as they step into the wider world.

Model UN, school trips, classes, sports and high school dramas will all fade into the background collage.

They all have been fortunate enough to have parents who invested in their education to give them the best jumping off spot they could. That is a huge help these days that not everyone gets to have. In a couple of hours my daughter will be home to tell the tales of prom and the following sleepover, where a friend’s parents invited all 50+ girls over for a sleepover. Then it is the last few school events: baccalaureate, sports banquet and graduation, the final hugs and laughs in the flurry of activity of the big day. Then, that door closes as they all turn towards college and all that will bring.


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