Onto other things


I have been keeping an eye on this house over the years since before I saw the for sale sign in the yard. I figured it wouldn’t be sold to someone for a residence, but might be used as a business.

When I saw the large metal building go up in back I thought the structure was doomed for demolition.

But the good news is that it appears it is being salvaged to be used elsewhere. The timber frame is all tagged with numbered metal discs.


The windows are all stacked inside against the central fireplace that at one point provided the heat and cooking space for the house. The base of the chimney on the floor must be close to 6 feet across. There is no cellar beneath the granite slabs of the foundation, just a crawl space.


The front and side doors are still in their places, allowing the building to be somewhat secure. I was able to peek into the house through the round holes from when insulation was blown in, and from just above the sill plate.


This cool doorknob is on the back lean-to that was most certainly a late addition as it doesn’t match the rest of the house. There is more to share about this house, and I will do so in future posts.


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