I went back to Fruitlands today to check out some of the hiking trails that I didn’t get to on the Sunday trip. It was way too hot to do them all, but I got a couple done. Fruitlands Museum (Harvard MA) is a small collection of buildings, most notably the farmhouse which was where Louisa May Alcott lived for a while as a child. It must have been pretty remote then, as the area isn’t overbuilt now.


There are permanent sculptures scattered around the grounds, both classic and contemporary. This one is by the entrance to the gallery where we saw the photography show that initially drew me to Fruitlands.


This building is an old Shaker building brought to the site from a nearby former Shaker community and houses Shaker furniture, housewares and memorabilia.


This is a view down the hall of the Shaker house and out the back door to the hiking trails.


The whole site is on a sloping lot that has expansive views across the countryside, this path leads around a barn on an adjacent property. Can you feel the stillness?


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