The softness of spring

The softness of spring

I made a special trip to the cemetery on Monday to see the magnolia blossoms. I wasn’t disappointed. They are as lovely as ever, big, lush, fragrant flowers. Some trees had a carpet of petals beneath them, but all were blooming.


The rest of the trees were just starting to open their leaves, as if letting the magnolias have their moment. To me magnolias have a dreamy feel to their branches and blossoms that make me want to look and look at them.


The nice thing about cemetery trees is that no one minds if you stand right under them, doing the same images on someone’s lawn would probably not go over so well. I could have spent much longer under the magnolias, but made use of what time I had. Plus having a limit made me really focus on the images I wanted to get, and not end up with a bunch of “so-so” ones just because I had no time restriction.


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