It is the end of National Poetry Month, while I didn’t get many poems done, I did work on some. In my poetry group we read and discussed Yeats’ lovely The Lake Isle Innisfree and had to create from that our own poem, any form. I ended up with an answer back poem. I generally do very minimal poems, trying to distill the words as much as I can, so this was a bit of a change for be. But it just all rushed to the surface of my mind and onto the paper. Love that about poetry!

Immigrant Family

(Photo from Ellis Island Archives)


I’ll not come back to Innisfree

no more is it my home

Lake Isle is not the place for me,

the land no more our own.

I turn my back on Innisfree,

and leave it all behind.

The westward road will carry me

so far from all my kind.

And all the sorrows of Innifree

that ground my family down,

still will always be with me;

as to Innsifree I’m bound.

Rebecca Killeen-Brown


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