3-22-2015_079I am feeling a bit abstract this week and can’t seem to find the cohesiveness that is usually there. It’s not the weather, which has been bright and warm. It is not schedule upheaval, all has been in place. And it isn’t lack of time. it’s just a feeling  of “Meh” for lack of a real term. I feel fresh out of ideas I guess that best describes it.The easel sits in the other room with a started piece that I don’t feel the tug to work on. The outdoors is there, but not really calling. Even the online world doesn’t appeal, yet can still steal away time in an aimless meandering of things that “need updating”. I guess my best bet, now that the school bus routes are done, is to get out for a walk. I’ll stroll up the street and into the new neighborhood and see how far the road is in now.  It’ll accomplish several things at once: I’ll get moving, get off the computer and get some fresh air blowing around me hopefully chasing away the “Mehs” before I head off to work.


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