Friday to Sunday


Friday night turned warm and drizzly, perfect for some foggy images. I missed the last day like this as I was in the car commuting home, and of course passed beautiful view after beautiful view. That’s how it seems to go sometimes! The Saturday blew in, strong winds whipped away the warm damp air in preparation for a warm, could almost say hot, Sunday.


Which was a great morning for a hike. It wasn’t the best for pictures as part of the trail was covered by close to 2 feet of water that stretched close to 40 feet across. There was no way to even hop from rock or hummock. The trail ran along the top of a ridge with many side trail leading down to the water. It felt like hiking a capital M and my legs felt it. But it is all part of the “get fit” routine I am on. I got up this morning and went for a jog, one week under my belt. I did 2 days of jogs, 1 indoor mill walk, tree clearing and an hour hike. It is progress, once the bike gets a tune up I will have that option too. It feels good to be moving, to see the snow receding and possibly the best of all

I heard the peepers this weekend, spring is here!


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