It is the end of National Poetry Month, while I didn’t get many poems done, I did work on some. In my poetry group we read and discussed Yeats’ lovely The Lake Isle Innisfree and had to create from that our own poem, any form. I ended up with an answer back poem. I generally do very minimal poems, trying to distill the words as much as I can, so this was a bit of a change for be. But it just all rushed to the surface of my mind and onto the paper. Love that about poetry!

Immigrant Family

(Photo from Ellis Island Archives)


I’ll not come back to Innisfree

no more is it my home

Lake Isle is not the place for me,

the land no more our own.

I turn my back on Innisfree,

and leave it all behind.

The westward road will carry me

so far from all my kind.

And all the sorrows of Innifree

that ground my family down,

still will always be with me;

as to Innsifree I’m bound.

Rebecca Killeen-Brown




This old place is in the midst of being dismantled for salvage, not reconstruction elsewhere it seems. It is  a nice old house, in a not so great location of small box stores and strip malls. The foundation is solid pieces of granite, and the center chimney still stands tall on the roof. Over the past few years I have taken a bunch of pictures of the whole and details figuring it would come to this. As I walked around it yesterday i noticed different things, such as it was at some point painted red, that the granite hasn’t shifted very much and that the back door was pretty neat. Plus check out the coolest doorbell ever! I’ve never seen one like it.

Just a peek


I got out for a quick walk between rain showers on Friday, more of a wandering than a planned walk. Which meant I came upon this image from a different angle than I might have otherwise. This is the tower of Lowell City Hall, where each clock face tends to show a different time. Because I spent the weekend visiting my Mom in NY Friday feels like it was weeks ago with all the varying images I took on Sat, Sun and Mon. Funny how the mind does that. I am feeling invigorated, maybe due to the change of scenery, maybe the change in the weather, either way I am looking forward to Friday (studio or field trip time) and the weekend (yardwork or spring cleaning). The longer evenings and warmer temps tend to help motivate me to use every minute. And so I am off to get errands done before I head to work.

That a-way


I made it into the studio just before the sky opened up sending down heavy rain. A peek at the forecast doesn’t show a break for a few hours, which means another indoor day in spite of my desire to get outdoors with my camera. I feel like the universe has been nudging me towards doing indoor stuff, and now is shoving me because I continue to want to be outdoors. My own resistance to just be open to what might occur indoors is making me grumpy and getting me nowhere. And so I will pull out my small easel, paints and tools and see what transpires…and hope for success (and sun.)

Spring creeping in


Now that the snow is gone the small signs of spring are really visible, and audible.

The red buds on trees, the peepers, daffodil buds, spring migratory birds,

It is so nice to sit outside in the warm air and take it all in.

No bugs yet makes that very nice to do.

It just feels celebratory.