Watching you sleep

watching you sleep

I usually don’t take photos of people, but the framing of this one just caught my eye, so I grabbed my phone and snapped 2 quick images. I like the watchful portrait above the bench next to the no loitering sign, the strong light, the zig zag lines, it all just worked for me. yet I still almost didn’t take the image because of the person in it who was not aware of how they anchored the shot. I am glad I did as it pushed me out of my comfort zone. The comfort zone is where most of us reside quite happily, not everyone is so lucky. This winter must have been an especially dreadful one for those among us who don’t have secure and warm places to sleep. And even though today is the first day of spring , it is chilly out and the snow is now so hard packed from the melting that being out all day and possibly night must be a struggle. Every night when I get into my bed I am so grateful to be someplace safe and warm. Central heat is a wonderful thing! Today my plan was to get to Lowell and immediately get out on a walk, but there was a bite to the wind, the light was lackluster and so was my will. I am hoping to pep talk myself into getting out once I finish up my indoor tasks, it looks like it is getting a bit brighter out. The fact that I have the choice to stay in or go out is one not to overlook.


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