Bullwinkle’s misfortune

(This is a ; & a ) post, enjoy!)



Back in August 2013 I did a post about how I thought this tree looked a bit like Bullwinkle from the old cartoon.

This is the Bullwinkle tree now. A mere shadow of its former comic self. some overzealous trimming of the limbs turned out to be a bad idea for the health of the tree. The idea behind the trimming was to keep branches from breaking off during storms and taking out the power lines. Which is at best a faulty plan as the tree is still there and would take out the lines.3-17-2015_003

The better plan would have been to leave it or take it down. Now Bullwinkle is sparse and has lost all his jauntiness, and is still a threat to the wires as a dead tree. Maybe it was Boris and Natasha’s doing! Remember them? It might just be so!



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