Days of cocoa

days of cocoa

My winter days often start or end with a cup of cocoa, sometimes tea, but cocoa really says “winter” to me. Those days of cocoa are drawing to a close as the winter ends. Sure, I might have one now or then on chilly days, but the real cocoa days will be over for the season. I will shift to all tea, then iced tea and water as the temperatures rise out of this shoulder season. The days will call for cool drinks to sit outside with, soaking up the sun and enjoying the breezes while doing yard work or reading. It is all part of the pattern of my seasons, plus shoveling and drinking cocoa don’t go well together. Cocoa like hot tea is a contemplative activity, a companion to books, letters and friends. It soothes and warms, plus adds a bit of sweetness to the moment. yet I am ready to put away the winter mugs and embrace the next season.


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