24 Hour Coi

24 hour coi

Edward Hopper is one of my favorite artists for the way his pieces capture the apart-ness of ordinary life. There is a certain alone-ness in his works that makes me focus on them to see what might be just below the surface. I can relate to his people-less paintings, or the one where people are both the focus and simultaneously secondary to the overall image. This laundromat scene feels a bit Hopper-esque to me and has always been one I like to go back and look at.To me it feels suspended between actions, as I know the customer will arise at some point to empty the whirring machine, but I don’t know when that will be. One minute? 30 minutes? The absence of any other customers only seems to add to this pending mood. And there is so much too look at while waiting, the many circles of the machine doors, the red highlights, the missing “n” in the sign, the notices, the lines. It is a movement apart from the stillness of the scene.


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