March blows in


I got out today for a decent walk around my end of Lowell. It was slushy, and difficult in spots to navigate, but I was out. Even if I didn’t take my camera out for a single shot I was out. The sun was bright, the air crisp, the wind not too sharp, the new snow less than 3 inches, and all in all it was invigorating. So invigorating in fact that when I returned to the studio I undertook a big cleanup and out. No easy feat as it involved finding places to store items, deciding what to toss and cleaning up after a studio mouse’s visit. I now have items to go to trash, items to take home, and 2 table tops to sort out.The space feels fresh and more open. I also eliminated all but 1 row of photos on the wall to make for a more focused  experience for visitors. I am hoping the “less is more” concept will be a good one. It was a good day to tackle this. Because the snowbanks are still a hindrance to  getting clear image positions I have been prowling around the mill to see what catches my eye. There are always great shadows in the stairwells, and the occasional chair helps add to the image. The past 6 weeks has been about making do with what you’ve got. It has forced me to make use of my time in more creative ways than I would have in a hikable winter. I still feel the sting of not getting out, but spring will come and once the trails and sidewalks clear I can get out there knowing I have taken care of other tasks that needed attention.


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