A lovely morning


We had snow overnight, with more to come, but this snow looked so lovely as the sun rose that I couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the new day. It would have been just the day to get out for an early walk, but work started early and the later wind took the snow off the branches. The next snow is expected to be wet, maybe sleet, which I hope to get out and get more pictures of, if it is rain that will not work out so well though. I’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings.

Spring is under here


The snow continues to pile, and up as you can see there is no sign now of the chiminea and we are down to just clearing a path to the steps. At least the road crew is taking down the 7+ foot snow bank at the end of the road onto the main road. It was a bit nerve-wracking to pull out onto a road where the speed limit is 50 miles per hour. The sight to the left was clear enough, but not the right, so blocking half of the one lane was necessary to even catch a glimpse of what was coming up the road. The sun is doing its best to melt away some of the snow, but the air is bitter cold again cutting down on the time you want to be outdoors. I am girding myself to go out and clear the mailbox again from the last plow going by. The poor mail delivery drivers must be taking most mail back with them to the post office at the end of the day. But, I know spring is under here, just waiting to make an appearance. And I’ll get a photo when it does to celebrate.

In the bleak midwinter


We are a month from the calendar start of spring, so just passed the actual mid-point of winter. Parts of the last few weeks have indeed been bleak, as if winter had settled in for a long stay. It seems hard to believe that the towering banks of snow will start to melt away, but on sunny days such as this the evidence is there underfoot every time I step outside. It will be some time before pulling out of side streets is done with a clear line of sight though. We are getting more sun these days, and when I come home from work the sky is still light. I can even get home without headlights on now. All this just over the last few weeks. Though this winter has not been one of getting out with my camera, I have been able to work on other things; improving skills, painting, desk work, paper items and such. But I am itching to get out, and not to do snow shoveling.The warm sun and lack of wind today make it a lovely day to be out, the lack of shoulders or sidewalks make that idea a gamble. And so I will get fresh air where I can and bask in the strengthening sun knowing spring is inching closer.