Just a blast

2010 iris abstractI am in need of some color beyond the white snow and blue sky and this image gives me a bit of that…plus the memory of a spring garden. I know under the piles of snow plants are stirring, but blossoms feel far away. My zinnia seeds have sprouted and are bravely reaching for the sun here in my studio. Little mason jars of spring. They are a bit of cheerful company for me each time I come in. When we have winters such as this it makes it feel like time is standing still. My calendar tells me this weekend March begins, but it feels as if nothing is moving forward at all. Which means it will all of a sudden be mid March and I will wonder how that happened. This afternoon I have roof ice removal to tackle, which I am not looking forward to, but needs to be done. It will not involve me up on a ladder so I will have to get creative about it as I have no desire to take a tumble. But the sun is only melting enough to allow more ice to form an ice dam on the edge of the roof, so faulty human intervention must be attempted. For the moment I am going to enjoy my studio time.


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