In the bleak midwinter


We are a month from the calendar start of spring, so just passed the actual mid-point of winter. Parts of the last few weeks have indeed been bleak, as if winter had settled in for a long stay. It seems hard to believe that the towering banks of snow will start to melt away, but on sunny days such as this the evidence is there underfoot every time I step outside. It will be some time before pulling out of side streets is done with a clear line of sight though. We are getting more sun these days, and when I come home from work the sky is still light. I can even get home without headlights on now. All this just over the last few weeks. Though this winter has not been one of getting out with my camera, I have been able to work on other things; improving skills, painting, desk work, paper items and such. But I am itching to get out, and not to do snow shoveling.The warm sun and lack of wind today make it a lovely day to be out, the lack of shoulders or sidewalks make that idea a gamble. And so I will get fresh air where I can and bask in the strengthening sun knowing spring is inching closer.


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