Yesterday vs. today

2-2-2015_011 2-2-2015_015

And we are back in it snow wise. I took the first image yesterday and the second one this afternoon. Now it is early evening and still snowing! We are in a snow loop for sure. All the work I put into snow throwing the driveway and clearing the walks is quickly being filled in. Now in the fading light I can see that there is no sign of terracotta peeking through to tell anyone that a chiminea sits on our deck. It just looks like a snowman that has been snowed on. I got out yesterday for a quick hike on some snowshoe trails, but it was a bit tough going as the top layer of snow is so fluffy and the lower one packed. But I got out and that was the goal.


I was surprised to find this little stream still merrily flowing along in spite of the bitter cold we’ve had. It was so inky and glossy that it seemed a bit like a stage set. It felt good to get out after so many hours indoors, to feel the nip of cold on my cheeks and in my nose. I was glad for warm gloves, boots and winter outer (and under) layers to trap the heat. I would like to get out to my back stream, but fear that 40+ inches of snow is going to make that too tough. I will need to scout out local snowmobile trails if I want a clear path. I’ll see what the forecast is for the week and go from there!


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