Image mining

Harrisville, NH

I have been availing myself of and most recently watched the tutorial on making vintage or distressed looking photos. It gave me the opportunity to go back through my old images and see what I could mine from them. And it was great fun to try this and that to get different results. I am fortunate that my library offers as part of the services, as I would not have checked it out otherwise. There are so many topics you can explore that it could take over your life. But worth looking at anyhow as each offers a sample to watch to see if it is really one you’d like. The above image is an old film one that I had scanned into my computer years ago. One I’ve always liked but been unsure what to do with it. This was the answer. I feel like the aging adds a bit of mystery to the image, as if you might have found it caught in the far back of a bureau drawer and don’t know why it was there, or why someone saved it all those years ago.

What story does it have that it cannot tell?


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