Spoon in the road


I seem to have reached a spoon in the road. A fork would be easier to deal than the cul-de-sac nature of the spoon, which only returns me to where I started. It seems my days are full of things both tiny and large that are distracting and time-consuming, and sometimes with nothing to show for the effort. My studio work table is littered with “Huh, that didn’t work.” attempts. I fear I am casting my net too wide and netting nothing as a result for the time spent. Every new technique seems to catch my interest, to lead me down a path that peters out. Luckily I have avoided the wasted money that goes with these whims so it is just time that has been spent. This is why I stay off Pinterest, all the glossy. glittery ideas end up just being an annoyance, an interruption to time I could use elsewhere. And like a buffet too tempting to overindulge in. It is too easy to get caught up in the idea of trying too many new things to the detriment of all of them. I am trying to avoid the cul-de-sac  detours that keep me from the creativity I need to focus on, to determine what I really want to create and less on the ideas that look fun but aren’t really me. When I am next in the studio, I will sweep away the detritus of what has crept in and been interesting to try but not interesting enough to deserve table space. To avoid the spoons in the road.

By the way, who leaves a spoon (or any other flatware) in the road anyhow?


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