Monday morning view


Yesterday brought rain, then sleet and then downpours overnight that luckily didn’t coat everything in ice. Today came full of morning sun that has since been covered by clouds taking away the lovely glow everything had. I got out on the trail just in time for the light and clouds to play off each other. Spots were a bit slippery, but off the side of the trail the snow squeaked underfoot. It was very quiet at the pond, only a couple of birds flying from point A to point B, with no time for chirping. Even the squirrel that scampered under the bridge didn’t scold me as I approached. It was a nice quick walk to start my week off with, something I have been neglecting already this year. I need to get back on track both figuratively and physically, and it is on me to do it. I also need the snowbanks to be cleared from the entrances of many of the hiking parking areas, but that is beyond my control so I’ll have to adjust accordingly to using the trails that are accessible even if I was just on it the day before. I have to remind myself there is always something new to see.


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