This must have been quite a house back in the day, it still exudes a presence today. (The one behind it also) The stone one, however, is called Fort Johnson and was built in 1742. Now a highly trafficked road passes by it, but back in 1742 this area would have been wild. And must have taken a great deal of effort to build, and time to have all the glass and mill-work shipped in to make it look so grand.


Sometimes I wonder how people did it, settling in the wilderness and trying to carve out a home and life. This isn’t like the house was built on spec by a builder in hopes a buyer would come along! It was beyond the relative comforts that settled areas provided. And yet, what a building, it speaks of safety and solidity that must have been a comfort to travelers and guests coming along the river or woodland trail. I can imagine dusk falling beneath the trees, then coming around the turn and seeing a candle lit and sitting on the window sill, a welcome beacon. The broad facade caught in the lingering bits of light and the inside wooden shutters not yet closed against the night.

It would have been such a relief to know you had safely reached your destination.

Don’t we all feel that way when we get to ours safely?


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