Maybe once


Once upon a time there was a little girl who would pass this tiny cottage tucked back in the woods. She would gaze at it from the backseat as she passed it by, wondering how such a place came to exist where it did. Surely it was part of a fairy tale world that had slipped through time to crouch amongst the locust trees. Seemingly unreachable as no driveway or path leads to it from the road. She never saw a person around it and no light ever brightened its windows, the nearest houses seemed blind to the very existence of the tiny cottage so unlike their own traditional design. Year after year, snow would fall and blanket the tiny cottage making it look like a holiday card, seasons came and went and time passed never really seeming to have an impact on it. It had been there years before the little girl and her siblings saw it and called it Snow White’s cottage, and is still there now that her little girls are grown up, looking much the same in spite of the passing decades. It is a timeless place, where childhood seems to be suspended and childlike dreams can live on forever. Where a child can play house, create their own world, curl up with a book, or believe in fairies, in short a world we long to leave as teens and regret losing from then on, a world filled with the wonder of imaginary play and free from grownup cares.

I do not know the reason for such a cottage to be at this spot, I have heard it might have been part of a writers colony and wonder what the other structures might have looked like. Maybe they were they all fairy tale style, or a mix of styles all of a dollhouse size, this is the only one that remains. I also don’t know why this one was left and never became a home. I expect I could research the property and find answers to this and other questions, yet I never have. Possibly because to do so would change the magical feel of the place by reducing it to the mundane issue of ownership and dates. Though maybe the history would prove just as fascinating as the sight of the cottage is to me even now.


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