2 for 2


 2 hikes in 2 days. But I won’t get out tomorrow since it is open studios (already!) and Sunday looks like a rainy day. But it feels like a good start to the year to have gotten out back to back days. I went to two different and new hiking trails which made it feel like even more of an adventure.


It was cold both days, but lovely to be out in the woods just the same. The top image is from a short trail system just up the road that I have been meaning to hike, and the other is part of a 1,047 acre piece called the Heald tract. I had printed out the map months ago and finally set aside the day to go check it out. Both were definitely worth the time, especially as both had snow/ice-free parking! It was invigorating to get out and about, and makes being inside tomorrow a nice break.


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