Back and forth


The last day of 2014 is marching forward to meet the first day of 2015. It is a day of considering both directions of time while standing in the moment. New Year’s Eve can be a tough holiday to celebrate since the big event occurs so late and there is so much time leading up to it. Yesterday at work I heard a great suggestion for combating this issue: celebrate Greenwich Mean Time New Year’s. It is perfect for those of us on the east coast especially. Everyone gathers for an early dinner and at 7 PM our time it is the stroke of midnight in London. It works great for a dinner party, people can then go onto a local time zone party or off home for a quiet evening. You could even adjust it for a brunch or breakfast by using Jakarta, Indonesia or Dedeo, Guam. When you think of time it can make you feel a bit off kilter. It was already 2015 in Christchurch, New Zealand when I awoke today, yet I get to linger for another 13 hours in what is now their past. But it allows me the chance to mull a bit longer as they go headlong into the new year, to think about what did and didn’t get done in the year, and what I hope to do in the coming one.

I didn’t paint as much as I’d planned, and hope to rectify that in 2015.

I did get a job which will keep me out in the world and earning cash to support the creativity I plan.

I didn’t get to as many places as I had listed, and all were within driving distance of a couple hours, maybe this year.

I cut down on my reading which threatened to eat up all my time, having a job helped with this.

I didn’t get as much exercise as I had hoped from getting out and about on hikes, hopefully in 2015 I can fix that.

I did continue the paring down of stuff that we no longer need and will continue to lighten the load next year.

All in all I can say honestly 2014 was a good year in all quarters here. Freedom, shelter, food, health, income and creativity. Not a bad summary, and one I would happily repeat this coming year.

Happy New Year to all of you!


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