Merry to everyone


I love to wish people Merry Christmas, and yes I know not everyone celebrates the holiday. It is more the chance to say “merry” than anything else, it is a word that is really used only at one time of year which makes all the more special. To me it feels as if we must seize the very merriness that is here and gone. Happy is used all year long, happy birthday, Halloween, anniversary, etc, but merry on the other hand has a glitter to it that never gets dull through use. When I say Merry Christmas it feels like I am wishing  the person the chance to be merry, be light, be filled with good feelings. To make merry, be filled with merriment and to delight in the lights, sights, scents and joy of the season. And so I say to all of you Merry Christmas! May your holiday of celebration contain much merriness.


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