How many


How many Christmases has this house seen? I could research it and find out, but the wondering is more fun. It is a safe bet it has seen more than I have. When I came around the bend in the road and saw it I knew I’d have to pull over and get a couple of pictures. There is a nice solidity to the house that speaks of the seasons it has seen, the trials and joys it has harbored, and the  acceptance of them as part of life. How many generations of parents walked the floor with a sick child, worried over the antics of a teenager, waited for news of a loved one, fretted about the state of the world? All of which slid into history as the seasons moved relentlessly on, and most of which are forgotten but to those who lived them. It is a house that makes me think if I peeked in the door it would be a time capsule of years gone by. A fire in the fireplace, candles lit on the table, a meal cooking in the kitchen in a pot over the fire,

and the chilling cold that houses had before fiberglass insulation and central heat.


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