A myriad of branches

a myriad of branches

I came upon a quote recently that I though was worth sharing. It goes as follows:

“You have all the ingredients you need to make your life a success or a nightmare, don’t mix them up.”

What a great quote and so accurate. So much of life and where we end up is based on the choices we make, and there are so many to make. Some people do seem to be dealt a bad hand and are unable to make their lives a success. But some “have it all” and still can’t seem to make wise decisions. It is a puzzle as to why, but that is how it is. Possibly there is a genetic component that geneticists will uncover that explains it. There definitely is an environmental component that must be considered. It is the same idea as one I remember from years ago; sitting in a high school class and listening to the teacher try to impress on the distracted class the idea of “garbage in, garbage out”, and I just didn’t see how that was at all pertinent to high school life. I got it a few years later though, and it is still just as applicable today as it was all those years ago when I didn’t understand what it meant. It covers it all: diet, work, entertainment choices, relationships, purchasing decisions, and the list goes on.


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