That early morning feel

I actually got out and about Monday morning in Lowell. It seems the weather has conspired against being able to do that. Today for example is another rainy one. But Monday, was just right. Cool, crisp and sunny. And so I ambled up one street and down another, no set plan but to see what was out there. And this was one of the scenes that was waiting.                     There is a whole row of trees and shrubs along this building,and the morning sun catches them just right at this time of year. The trees are kept in tiny corrals so that they      12-15-2014_016don’t wander into the street and create traffic jams      I guess. The shrubs meanwhile are free-range and know to stay out of the street. (The pedestrian may or may not follow that concept.) In any event it felt good to finally get out on along walk. I have let too many okay days slip by in the hopes of nicer weather that didn’t come. It seems most of our December days will fall in either the okay weather or yucky weather columns. Plus now that open studios is done for the year I will not have the “gotta get this done” list that seemed to only sprout more details off of the existing items, so I can get out more. I say that now, but am well aware that in just 2 Saturdays it is another open studios, albeit a quieter, single day. Which will also be (gulp) January 2015! It seems every Christmas card I have received so far has asked the same question “Where did the time go?” So I know it isn’t just me that feels as if the days, weeks and months are whipping by. But I need to be like this pedestrian and stride purposefully towards the appointed task, going one step at a time, and eventually I’ll get where I’m going.


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