Passing the time


The past 2 afternoons were fairly quiet at open studios so to fill the time I decided to attempt making a wreath from old book pages and patterned paper. It was a good activity as I could make it while people drifted in and out.


It was also a fair amount of work. And my shoulders ached from making all the cones, and still do today! Using the old pages was a bit fiddly, especially for the tiny ones as the paper would start disintegrate so easily.

But I like the end result.

Now I need to display it somewhere either here or at home. If at home, transporting it might be tricky. I am also not sure able the lifespan of it. Maybe it is a one year item and then off to recycling or composting. The tips are quite fragile, and unless I have a box with a center nub to hold it in place i think by next December there would be many broken tips.

For anyone who is interested in making one, I used 3 different books for a variety of patinas and fonts, scrapbook glue, velvet paper and patterned paper. The very back row was the last row I did. I have a double paper ring (card stock) on the back for support, 1 ring was 4 inches and the other 6 inches. All in all the center row got to dry over night, and the back row, tiny cones, and rings dried over the course of 5 hours. So by everything had set up. The entire piece is 16 inches.


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